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Malayan Adhesives & Chemicals Sdn Bhd was established in 1965 as a joint-venture between the Kuok Group of Malaysia and Mitsui Toatsu Chemical Inc. of Japan. It was set up to produce and distribute a range of formaldehyde-based products to cater to the growing plywood industry.

The joint venture company now almost four decades old, has not only endured, but has indeed grown from strength to strength. Today, apart from serving the plywood industry, we also produce a wide range of adhesives and related products for various industries including, particleboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), inorganic insulation materials, concrete and paper manufacturing. 

In 1991, the Company also formed a joint venture company, Asia Pacific Microspheres Sdn Bhd, with Union Carbide Plastics & Chemicals, Inc to produce the latter's specialty phenolic microspheres. This subsidiary has since been restructured as a division of the company following UCCP's divestment.

MAC is always striving to innovate and bring the latest technology to our customers. Working closely with our European and Asian technology partners, we are well-poised to deliver just that and more!

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